“Dear Mr James Jegede….”

Mr James Jegede in his recent interview on Radio Merseyside indicated he will not be selling the MV Royal Iris. If only that interview included a phone-in where we could have put our questions to him!

Well, this is the next best. Post your questions and comments relating to the MV Royal Iris here and I will ensure he reads them. Perhaps, just perhaps Mr Jegede will also take time to respond on here too.

Please keep your comments as polite as you can. Sorry, but any posts containing personal insults towards Mr Jegede will be removed – not deleted – just removed. If I’ve been found to be over cautious, I’ll put the posts back on again.

Cheers, Dave

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64 comments to “Dear Mr James Jegede….”

  • admin

    Hi, Dave the admin here.
    I don’t know who this Samuel Jegede is, but he’s no son of the owner of the Royal Iris, James Jegede. I’ve removed his post (and others relating to it) in which he claims JJ had passed away. I’ve also complained to his I.P. at BSkyB about it.

    I was chatting face to face with James yesterday, next to the Royal Iris and I can assure you he is in excellent health! I wish I could write the same about the Royal Iris though. Looking as bad as I’ve ever seen it.

  • John Fairclough

    It is so sad to see the pictures of a such an iconic symbol of the Mersey, she sailed with pride and gave so much enjoyment to people, now she lies left to rot with no dignity whatsoever at her berth in London. Something has to be done to prevent this icon from slippng deeper into a state of irreversible rot, she evokes such happy and lasting memories for many people. I cant offer any financial assistance but would be more than happy to offer my time on a voluntary basis to try and bring her back to where she belongs and sail again. Im not alone in wanting to save the Royal Iris so lets all get together and make our voice become even louder. So lets see what can be done to bring her back home.

  • Such a sad state of affair for a wonderful vessel which served the people of Merseyside for so many years and brought joy and fond memories to all…Hoping it can be saved and restored back to it’s former glory. I can still remember, as would think most do, of the sounds and smells coming up from the engine room below which I remember was some “great mystery” when I was a boy.
    Please don’t let it drift into history….

  • Robert Evans

    I cant just sit and watch her dying like this she looks so lonely and neglected and looks like she is crying out for help…..please please please please let her be helped,loved and cared for where she belongs…on the Mersey.although im from STOKE ON TRENT she is very special to me as im sure she is to thousands of others too……… please let her live on……………she is VERY SPECIAL

  • Robert Evans

    please please please could we somehow have Royal Iris restored back to its former glory maybe even national lottery could help….its such a shame to see her rotting away like this..she belongs sailing up and down the Mersey in Liverpool.surely she is part of the National Heritage and should be saved. Royal iris is such a special ferry and has a place in many peoples hearts including mine……. please please find it within yourself to have her saved it really upsets me ( and others ) to see her desserted and left to rot away when she could be saved………..

  • Andrew Pritchard

    the royal iris belongs back in liverpool her home city
    she is a very old girl who needs her long earned rest from been used and abused or just left to rot and rust in to history
    she needs to come home to the city she was born and built to serve were she is loved and will be looked after and restored be people that care about her long tern future
    she may just be a big piece of steel that can be changed in to a floating hotel bar or night club or what ever
    but this kind of thing has been tried before with and not be very long lasting times have changed and rather that let this ship rust away in london or be used as a dose house or drug den by anyone as it is left floating their or as last reported flooding and sinking in to the river bed
    please please please sell this old lady back to the people of liverpool to restor her to her former glory and let her sail the mersey river once again

  • David Huntriss

    Dear Mr Jegede
    Some people buy things just to stop other people having them, some people buy things with good intentions but they never come to being. I was born in Wallasey went on the Royal Iris meny times and was so sad when i heared she had been sold, even more so seeing how she has been treated. Not far from where i live now there is a person who has a old MG Midget many people have ask if he will sell the little car but he will not, it’s been there for twenty years or more it is rotten beyond repair it has fell to pieces. Don’t let that happen to the Royal Iris. I had my first kiss on the Royal Iris. Bring life back to the Mersey Don’t let go for scrap like New Brighton has.Have a heart give her back were she belongs.
    Regards Dave

  • David

    Mr Jegede, Wouldn’t it give you such a wonderful feeling to know that the Royal Iris could be on The Mersey once again amongst pepole who love her very much? Please either sell her back or why not just give her back to Liverpool for a full restoration. Thank you for reading this.


  • Sue Greenland Storey

    I have so many happy memories of going on the ris with my nan and grandad as a child….memories are with you forever…I would to be given the opportunity to do the same for my grandchildren when they come along……I also enjoyed the disco’s held on the Iris in my late teanage yeears…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. LET THE IRIS COME BACK TO lIVERPOOL WHERE SHE BELONGS AND IS LOVED SO VERY VERY MUCH.

  • Valerie Doyle

    I cried when I read the comments from fellow Liverpudlians, I have so many happy memories of the Royal Iris, please do the right thing and find it in your heart let her come home. I am 100% sure she will boost our economy and make so many of us really happy.

  • Dear mr james jegede

    The royal iris is loved by many people across Liverpool including myself me and my grandad went to see the other ferries the other day over at Liverpool he asked me what happend to the royal iris ? And I told him what had happend to her and were she was he was shocked to see the images of her and to see in what state she is in he said he had lots of fun on her back in the 60s he said him and his brother would often go onboard her on most nights, she is loved and missed do us all a favour and bring her home you would make many life’s happier and make memories for people to tell there kids when there older on how they used to have fun on board her and that we could visit het not she was one loved but now left to root on the thames.

    Please bring her home!

    Yours faithfully the people of Liverpool

  • marc stollo

    people have no right to insult you but out of peoples frustration in wanting the royal iris back in merseyside you have to take the rough with the smooth.i just hope you can come to a decision soon.i am sure we can come to a fair price where you are financially happy and keep many many scousers happy.if you read this many thanks.

  • Yvonne Mc Kever

    Dear Sir,

    I cannot think why an intelligent person (as I am sure you are) would want to see the Iris just sink into the water. Surely any heritage is important. The Iris gave so much happiness to thousands of children in the 50’s and 60’s (myself being one) who’s parents could only afford days out to New Brighton. Memories of stepping onto the decks and the excitement of crossing the Mersey on that beautiful boat, looking forward to New Brighton Fairground and a Beach to play on, are still very strong. It would be a wonderful act by yourself if you would release her from this terrible fate and let the people of Liverpool give future Generations of Children the same precious memories. Please think very hard, before it is too late for Liverpool to see their much loved Iris come home.

    Yours hopefully
    Y McKever

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