“Dear Mr James Jegede….”

Mr James Jegede in his recent interview on Radio Merseyside indicated he will not be selling the MV Royal Iris. If only that interview included a phone-in where we could have put our questions to him!

Well, this is the next best. Post your questions and comments relating to the MV Royal Iris here and I will ensure he reads them. Perhaps, just perhaps Mr Jegede will also take time to respond on here too.

Please keep your comments as polite as you can. Sorry, but any posts containing personal insults towards Mr Jegede will be removed – not deleted – just removed. If I’ve been found to be over cautious, I’ll put the posts back on again.

Cheers, Dave

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64 comments to “Dear Mr James Jegede….”

  • Nasir James

    Just to inform all parties that a request under the Freedom of Information Act has been sent today to the Port of London Authority. See below:

    This email is a formal enquiry under the Freedom of Information Act. As a public charity you are obliged by law to answer this enquiry. Please ensure it is answered as required by the Act within the timescales laid out in the Act.

    There is a vessel that appears to be abandoned moored on the Thames close to the Woolwich ferry named the MV Royal Iris. She has been there for a number of years and apart from being derelict now presents a Health and Safety hazard.

    My enquiry is to establish the following:
    1. Are all her mooring fees and dues fully paid up
    2. Does she meet the PLA’s safety standards for ships in your waters
    If the answer to either of the above is no I should like an explanation as to what action has/is being taken to rectify these matters.

    Yours sincerely
    N James Khosla
    Managing Director
    Public Sector Compliance Ltd

  • Maria Jenkins

    Please hear the plea from the people of this region. The Iris belongs on the Mersey. Please let the ‘Ferry Cross The Mersey’ again

    Kind regards


  • Thomas John Hulligan

    Dear Sir, I am at a loss as to why you will not allow this,for Merseyside at least!,Historic ship to be purchased from you?.It is after all of almost not value to you in light of the deterioration-the costs to rectify must be enormous and believe me in that you will have the utmost gratitude of thousands of Liverpool and Merseyside residents.(Myself included albeit I now longer live there but “marooned” in the US!) I have only just discovered the terrible plight that this once great ship is in.. These days we rush to get rid of so many things-buildings-Transportation-machines and items from the past that our children and grand-children will never get to appreciate and learn from. They WOULD learn so much of the Merseyside History from this wonderful ship..Please? Think of the future and allow her to be brought back to life-back Home where she belongs

  • edward roughsedge

    please bring the royal iris back to liverpool as i have fond memories of sailing on her with my late mother.

  • dave

    Make all true merseysiders happy this christmas by bringing her back up the mersey

  • James

    Dear Mr James Jegede,

    I understand that you bought this fine vessel in mind to restore her to her former glory. Why are you not doing this? Please, at least make her seaworthy so she will not sink to the bottom of the Thames, it has so many memories to me, and thousands of other people on merseyside. If you don’t think you are up to refurbishing such a damaged and destroyed vessel, why not sell it? I simply think that you are failing to admit that you either A. Can’t be bothered or B. can’t afford to fix it up. If this is the case please PLEASE PLEASE! sell back to merseyside!! We have the facilitys and the money to restore her to her former glory. My grandad came home on that boat, from war, in 1945. I have not been aboard myself as I was too young at the time and would love to see exactly what my grandfather and his friends saw on that glorious day.

    One last time, Please, give her back :(

  • Brenda Robson

    Please, please let us have her back before she goes beyond repair, we as a city are so proud of the Royal Iris, after all she brought our soldiers home from the war.. so please sell her and make a very proud city happy.

  • Its dosent belong on the thames in should be on Merseyside rotting aw not but it would be nice to get some of the lottery money to fund the the restoration of this boat rather than stupid bloody bananna lambs ok it they have a bearing on Liverpool Culture but not as much has ferries im sorry GET THE ROYAL IRIS BACK ON MERSEYSIDE

  • Rev. Eric Hughes

    I now live in York, Pennsylvania USA and I was looking at a postcard of “Iris” and I remembered the great times we had as a family. Sneaking a bevi off the tables as the ‘grown-up’s danced..If that what it was haha. It was a huge hit and I know that the economy stinks, but Scousers will find a way and God could make a way to bring home The Queen of Liverpool. Whoever has money let them make a way now before she gets worse (and she will). It was these many years on Iris that I went in the Merchant Navy. Royal Iris will always have a throne in Liverpool. Make it a dream for our kids to relive those days.
    Thanks for letting me share
    Rev.Eric Hughes

  • Alan Fennah

    As a musician I performed on the Royal Iris in the 1980’s and had a great time. Even ‘The Beatles’ have performed on this ship with Aker Bilk in 1961 and 1962. It’s so sad to see her currently rotting on the Thames. Please sell, It would be great to see her back in Liverpool where she belongs.

  • sue wilson gallagher

    please return the royal iris home Im sure there must be so many people that would return her to her former glory for free and retired tradesmen to teach younsters a dying trade, give it a think its not all about money, just letting her rot there, away from home

  • stan hesketh

    hi you could try a beach to scrap her on in india,but i think you will get more on the mersey.

  • Roy Babbs

    Dear Mr Jegede,

    Some of the comments posted on this site have hardly been polite and I guess you may have decided not to bother reading any more however I hope you do.
    You can’t have missed the passion which has been expressed by people from Merseyside who are proud of their history and who want to recapture the fabulous days when the Mersey was an exciting and lively gateway to the world.
    I remember well the day when the Royal Iris appeared in the river for the first time and as a young man going to work across the river on her regularly so I have very fond memories indeed. Fortunately I didn’t see her leave but I have looked at the photographs of her now and hope for a miracle that could bring her back to life and even better, bring her back home.
    Liverpool and her fabulous waterfront is re-juvenated but needs the Royal Iris to add the missing maritime ingredient.
    Please let us have her back.


    Roy Babbs

  • Rodger Bolton

    Dear Mr Jegede,

    Kindly act sooner than later,refloat her back to the Mersesy before its too late to repair and will only be worth scrap value.What ever investment you make in her will be returned by the public when she is in a state that can be boarded.While she is being repaired ,you could give guided tours that will bring in revenue.Look at the superb job that the Vulcan society have done in returning xh558 to the skys.You could the same with the Royal Iris.People love history,and it makes money.
    There are lots of avenues open to you,kindly take one or let someone else do it for you.Merseyside is full of willing helping people ,who will gladly repair her at minimal cost to you

  • Ken Sherrocks

    Mr Jegede,
    Does it not sadden you to see that famous vessel fading away before your eyes ? I`m sure it does ! Why not take advantage of the offers made to you so that she can be returned to people who will really care for her, whilst at the same time she can indeed become a viable and profitable financial proposition for you ?
    Putting financial considerations aside, I`m sure that such a course would leave you feeling much easier with yourself anyway.
    Of course any decisions are for you and you alone to make, and whatever you may choose to decide, I certainly wish you well.

    Ken Sherrocks.

  • Martin Slater

    Mr. Jegede.

    Just do it. You know it makes sense.



  • Mike Donnelly

    Dear Mr Jegede.

    I am sure that by now you are very well aware of the amount of support that the people of Liverpool are giving in order to try and sincerely appeal to your good side and get our ship back where she really belongs , i can see that you have made an investment in buying her but there is no denying that we all know what is going to happen to her unles you stop kidding yourself about your intentions for her , as a Liverppol lad myself i can only hope that you take the time to read the posts and realise that we are a good group of people who just want to hang onto a little bit of our heritage, we have lost almost everything else for the sake of a fast buck with proporty developers and to be totally honest….. its not about the money…. its about us losing our past and everything we remembered as children, teenagers, and adults.

    Liverpool has a huge amount of very skilled people who are patioanate about their trades , a great deal of those trades are based on marine engineering, there is no doubt that if you gave us the opportunity to help you not be associated with the death of the oyal Iris , this ship will without doubt be the jewel of the Mersey yet again, and this is much easier than you think, you are allready halfway there my friend as we have all got the same feelings on this, all you have to do is take one step in the right direction and open up with some dialog (PLEASE), she is far more valuable than the scrap value you will end up with.

    I dont know how you feel about this but if i was in your shoes i would not want to have that on my contience , we are begging you to please not destroy her , she deserves an awful lot more than she is getting now.



  • Mike Day

    Dear Mr Jegede,
    Without wishing to insult your intelligent and not knowing four background, I’d like to share with you something of the flavour of seafarers (I was at sea for 23 years and still feel I am a seafarer – I can never change) and the Liverpuddlians, whose city port I frequently visited. The Royal Iris was part of Liverpools vibrant histary, as were ferries of that name before her. Liverpool went through economic hell as the shipping world changed and her economic fortunes plunged in the sixties and seventies. It was as sad as the effects of the Blitz on my home city of London – utter devastation. As they have rebuilt their city – an on-going process by no means complete – Royal Iris represents a tangible icon of their historic and happier shipping past. To see her sitting here in London, rusting away is as cruel to the Liverpuddlian as a parent threatening to drown the kitten of a young child – heartbreaking beyond the understanding of an unconnected person. You could become a hero and a local legend by allowing the Liver puddlians to buy the Royal Iris back off you. You could be linked to her status as she is restored and preserved in the amazing ship museum in Liverpool. There is a thought for the future, and a really positive one. Why not do it?
    Best regards, Mike

  • Dear Sir,
    I am the son of the late Captian John Green who captained her through her glory days, when she was the icon of Merseyside, commonly know as the fish and chip boat. It is heart braking to see a german u boat sat high and dry along side the pier head birkenhead, where are girl the Royal iris should be sat. seeing her waste away on the thames, in my eyes is criminal.Please please bring her back to were she belongs. her rightful place is Merseyside..

    Thank you

    David Green

  • Dennis Jones

    Dear Sir,
    The Royal Iris is part of our heritage from the Mersey, my brother-in-law, John Green, who passed away some years ago was Captain of her during the time when Gerry Marsden was on board. His wife, my sister, Olwen Green is in a home on the Wirral and not able to support this petition due to illness. Her prized possessions are a picture of John and Gerry on the Bridge of the Royal Iris and a large etched mirror with the Royal Iris on which John had made for her. I know that you may not care about what happens to the most famous ferry from the Mersey, but you will be astonished by how many do. Please do the right thing and help us to return the Royal Iris to her rightful place.

    Thank You

    Dennis Jones

  • jane howick

    Please let the Wirral buyer bring her back to her rightful home among the people who love her and care for her. Its so sad seeing a fine beautiful ship rotting in the Thames. London people dont care about her, I doubt if they realise how historic she is to all Merseysiders, including the Beatles and other famous people who boarded her in her hey day.Please, please please, before its too late for the Grand Lady. Thankyou

  • Tom Carroll

    We are all clearly wasting our time here. The Royal Iris is nothing to you other than a heap of rusty metal. If you cared anything for the vessel she would not be in the state that she is now. Either sell her on to somebody who cares about her or put her out of her misery by scrapping her. You would win yourself a place in the hearts of Merseysiders if you were to send her home to the Mersey. Think about it.

  • gary roberts

    please bring the mv royal iris before she is beyond saveing as she is a big part of mersyside life/hitory like the albert dock cavern etc

  • Margaret Jones

    Dear Mr Jegede
    I write to add my support to the many people of Merseyside who dearly wish to see “their” much loved Royal Iris ferry boat returned to to where she belongs as part of their heritage. My husband served on the ferryboats for some 26 years, working his way up from deckhand to Skipper during that time. He told me many stories of his time aboard the Royal Iris cruise boat and of the many dance bands and early pop groups that played aboard her, including those who became famous such as “The Spinners” “Quarrymen” (Beetles). I am glad that he is not alive now to see what looks like the sad demise of such a “grand old lady” of the Mersey, so sadly rotting away and neglected in London. I was much encouraged reading all the letters, there seems so much hope going and offers of serious help from all directions plus financial backup etc. For the people of Merseyside it is the boat that matters more than money. To them she is not just a rusting old hulk but a proud old lady with a ’soul’ who belongs to them. Her return and restoration on Merseyside would bring so much additional history and interest and re-kindle all the memories and stories of and for those whose lives were involved in ‘her life’ It would be such a shame to lose this valuable contribution to the history of Merseyside. I sincerely ask you to please make the right decision which will earn you eternal gratitude with “Scousers” everywhere.
    Yours sincerely. M. Jones

  • George

    Dear Mr Jegede,

    The above letters must convince you how important Royal Iris is to all Merseysiders. Our area has been through some very rough financial times in recent years and is probably the reason why our dear Royal Iris was not purchased by Merseyside based interests when she was originally offered for sale.
    Now, thanks to our area’s financial resurgence and renewed self confidence, there is enough genuine help and assistance available to you within Merseyside to help you to bring Royal Iris back home and return her to the very profitable and well loved business attraction she was in her heyday. Please help us in rebuilding our pride in our very important Maritime heritage by bringing her back to the Mersey. If you were to make this happen, you would be warmly welcomed within our community and considered a true Merseysider.
    Please try and bring her home, she will never be better loved or remembered anywhere else but here.Thank you for listening.


  • Gerry Seaman (Gerrysea)

    Dear James,

    It took a while for you to respond to the e-mails that I sent to you some considerable time ago, but unfortunately there was no follow-up to your suggestion that we could perhaps meet up, nor to your comment that you’d keep me posted on progress. But that’s probably understandable as I guess that you’re probably a very busy guy. But from our limited contacts I’m sure that you have gained a pretty good idea of how I feel about the old Royal Iris, and by now you will be aware that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of others from Merseyside with similar fond memories and feelings for her.

    when I first contacted you, I said that whilst I was unable to help financialy, I could offer you my time if I could be of any help(an offer still open by the way). It now apperas, from what I’ve been reading that there are, or have been far more substantial offers of help from elswhere.

    You went to a great deal of trouble to (and no doubt expence) to become her owner and then to have engines designed, surveys carried out and have her registered as a vessel of maritime importance, so I don’t believe that you don’t have feelings for her as well.

    Please be realistic when considering your future plans for her James. If you are not in a position to fulfil your original plans, please give consideration to a compramise that will see her saved. Please, please, dont let her die, don’t let her end her days tied up there, rotting away on the Thames. paticularly if there are others who are willing to help save her, that would be a crime.

    Kind regards and good luck in all you do.


  • Paul Anderson

    Dear Mr Jegede
    Please allow the royal iris to come home back on the mersey where She belongs.
    She will be cared for and put back to her former condition by Loving Scousers,and Admirers alike, you can come and visit Her any time and enjoy Her like we all do !

    Please Mr Jegede

  • c simmonds

    Please allow the royal iris to come home back on the mersey where it belongs

  • Paul Williams

    Dear Mr Jegede , I was visiting my home town Liverpool this week and it’s all looking very good! The new ferry terminal building at the Pier Head was really busy , crowds on the ferry cruises, Albert dock bustling,loads of foreign tourists…all very cheering to a Liverpudlian. New Brighton , a former favourite destination of the Royal Iris,travelled on it many times , was also busy with the good sands and the donkey rides back on the beach and new Lido and marine lake refurbishment. The time is right for the Royal Iris to return to the Mersey to complete this really exciting new picture. The current Mersey Ferry boats are in immaculate condition and are obviously loved and cared for and are a delight to travel on. The Royal Iris deserves the same treatment. If the Iris is returned to it’s former glory it will make money..possibly licenced for cruises to Llandudno and the Menai Straits in the Summer. It’s a fabulously iconic part of the Mersey Beat story too and needs to be back in it’s home waters to fully maximise it’s earning potential, which is surely quite important to everybody! It’s a no brainer as they say. Volunteers have achieved fantastic results in the UK with transport restoration and you will be amazed at what would happen if the ship is secured in a dry dock in Liverpool, there will be a huge amount of professional and amateur help forthcoming because it will be loved. It’s not getting any more valuable rusting away surely… get it back to the Mersey asap anyway ! Best wishes Paul Williams.

  • Robert Irvine

    Dear Mr. Jegede,

    I don’t know you, I don’t know anything about your business; all I know is that the first time I heard your name in connection with the Royal Iris was, “Jegede won’t budge”

    At this point I have to wonder why. If you were sitting on prime real estate you would certainly hold all the cards where movement was concerned, for every day that you held out, the little cash wheel would click forward another notch. But I’m afraid that a steel hulled vessel sitting in the water collecting an ever growing pile of iron oxide beneath its keel is personally not a hand I would wish to be “holding”

    I could wax philosophical at this point about the fact that I am now 59 years of age, and although never been on the Iris, did spend many hours standing on the landing stage watching that boat going up and down the river with the sounds of jazz echoing across the water, but I really don’t think you give a damn about what this vessel means to thousands of people out there; so let’s drop that approach.

    If the Royal Iris venture is your own personal investment; fair enough. If you have other investors involved, then I’m surprised that they are not calling for your head at this point. In any case, the bottom line is that this vessel is slowly decaying into a pile of scrap, and will eventually capsize and sink and take your investment along with it. Unfortunately, there are some businesses operating out there that do this kind of thing on purpose, but I truly hope that the Iris was purchased for this reason.

    Based on the input you have already received, you know the right thing to do, so just do it, and even walk away in a profit situation. Or, do nothing and let that vessel decline into wasted decay, just as your name will become to thousands of hopeful people if you choose that course of inaction.

  • Im sorry that my reply was no ( dont no why? ) ( LET ME SAY THAT THIS IS A BIG YES )this boat belongs to the people of liverpool Im 49 years old and its the only ferry i have never been on
    I would love to see her going up and down the river again
    To me when i was a child that boat was the QE2
    BRING HER HOME dont let her rot find a berth and we can talk about money later
    Maybe i will get my chance to cross the river on her if things turn out ok

  • John Hughes

    Dear Mr Jedege Please return to the Royal Iris to where it belongs. The Mersey.Your standing in Liverpool would skyrocket if that was acheived.John Hughes



  • Sam

    Dear Mr Jegede, This is a icon of Liverpool and ever though I am only in my twenties I remember with great fondness the memories of my elders in relation to this vessel. I emplore you to sell this boat which belongs at home in Liverpool. The people of Merseyside have already missed out on having this for the Capital of Culture. It is a huge project, and the more time spent talking then the less likely this ship will be saved. I ask you personally for a public meeting with the people of Merseyside to discuss the future and to get your view point.
    I look foward in anticaption to your thoughts.

  • Philip

    Dear sir,

    You have come up against the most determined group of people in the Country, Liverpool people. Give in and let us have our boat back where it belongs. here she will make money for you, if that is what you want. Liverpool helped to make Britain what she was a respected country, London helped destroy it with her historical greed. the Royal Iris is part of my past, I’d like to enjoy her again. Stop dithering and do it.

  • Jane Demelwuiek

    Dear Mr Jegede, you may fool Sue Cartwright on that Facebook group, but I have been around long enough to know that you cannot afford the upkeep of the Royal Iris. You have have one failed venture behind you, please don’t add the Royal Iris to that list

  • Mr Jegede, I too have listened to your interview, Ive read what bits of conversations you have deemed fit to be published. I don’t believe your just in it for the money (or you would sell her) so I just want to put across that as you are aware, the Iris needs help.. well there is plenty of helpers on Merseyside Mr Jegede. I thought you wanted to speak to anyone “interested in her restoration” – come on then, get the hull fit for sailing and lets all have a look at it together! We don’t bite you know!

  • John McGiveron

    Mr Jegede with the greatest respect in the world…I have now listened for the first time to your broadcast with radio merseyside, and I would like to know what credentials you have for putting down on that vessel three as you claim engineers in the lower part of the hull to ensure it’s stability. My friend the pictures of that vessel that i have just seen I wouldn’t put a cat on board her. She’s taking on water and needs critical attention. I live in Scotland and my family have along seafaring tradition all based out of Liverpool…you sir with the greatest respect come across to me as living in cloud coockoo land….give this vessel over to the people what know what to do…what are your credentials are you a marine engineer ?

  • John McGiveron

    This vessel holds a great deal of Liverpool History and memories for thousands of people. Consider this…think of the history that you would be giving back to Liverpool, think of what the children can learn when they sail on her again when she’s restored. I sailed on her as a boy with my grandmother, long since dead now, to New Brighton. But maybe that holds nothing for you. Myabe your not interested in the historical value of this vessel. Maybe your just the usual entrepreneur who couldn’t give a jot as to restoring her….do you just want the best price for her, and if thatmeans she heels over and turns turtle (well she is a turtle afterall) then that’s just too bad and you’ll sell her for scrap. I suppose your a nice guy really who just wants to make money…after all it is the new god !!

  • Mary Lynch

    Dear Mr Jedege

    Please let the Royal Iris go home to Liverpool.

    The people of Liverpool will remember your goodwill and it really is the best thing to do.

    I am sure lots of people in Liverpool would help return her to her former glory freely.

    Thank you.

  • micky boo

    If he was to do the right thing for the iris he would have done it already.
    Prob just another cold hearted businessman ruled by the pound.
    try and Imagine the feeling inside when you do something for the right reason not just for money,try it you may like it!!

  • Having spent time on the Royal Iris working as a cook, I am especially keen to see this much loved vessel back on the Mersey where she belongs. Many people will recall the memorable 1970’s river cruises during the summer months, packed with revellers and live bands. Bring it all back again I say!

  • Chris Hill

    Dear Mr Jedege

    Be remembered as he man who helped to save this unique piece of Liverpool’s maritime history….not the guy who helped to destroy her. Do the decent thing and sell her to somebody who will return her to the Mersey…….and Liverpool.

  • Jason Billings

    Dear Mr Jedege, in your interview, you as good as said that you don’t have the funds to restore the Royal Iris. Does your £100,000 budget even cover the salary of your 3 engineers who are working 14 hours a day? Please cut your losses and sell her to somebody who has the funds and the goodwill of the people of Liverpool and Wirral. There are plenty of engineers up here that are willing to work unpaid to bring her back to her former glory.

  • Derek Hughes

    Dear James, I have had a lazy day thinking of why Iris is like she is. I realise you had set your heart on renovating Iris and using her for profit on the Thames. But surely you now realise its probably beyond your reach. The Iris , docked at Liverpool would be a profitable tourist attraction, which you could enjoy the shares of. By day, she will be a beutiful restaurant, by night a bustling live music venue, 8 days aweek, as the Beatles said.
    I myself will buy shares, lots of my local business friends have pledged to buy shares, you can retain 51% shareholding, be the MD, just lets make it happen.
    London is flooded out with clubs, pubs, bars, etc. The music capital of the world is Liverpool.
    I have friends at “Merseycats”, the childrens charity, run entirely by the musicians of the Merseybeat era. They would make it their headquarters, and perform as usual for no fees to help needy children.
    We could host Battle of the Bands, to route out new talent and give young musicians a venue for practice etc.
    I am about to take early retirement, and would be delighted to meet you, help you, to bring this project to fruition. I can meet you anytime, in London. Please call. Kindest regards. DEREK. 07887612324

  • To me it is clear Mr Jegede is holding out for the best price he can get – a rather inflated price giving the state of the Royal Iris. He just doe not have the resources to renovate this ship. If he did he would have done it by now.

    It will cost a lot of money to rectify the neglect Mr Jegede has inflicted on this wonderful little ship.

    He should do the decent thing and give the ship away before she disappears for ever.


    Well said Chris, by watching the history channel, you can see that Titanic is gradually disintigrating, thats what is happening to the hull of Iris.
    Removal to dry dock is now ESSENTIAL, at least that saves her from breaking in half by the force of nature. Summer is on the horizon, come on Mr. Jegede stop messing about, declare your intentions, put our minds at rest. YOU or someone else must book Iris into dry dock NOW. In the words of John Lennon- instant Karma s gonna get you ? Please make friends with us, and make the dream come alive ! Kindest Regards. DEREK HUGHES. 07887612324

  • Mr Jegede, I do believe you had or have good intentions for the Iris, if what Ive read is true then you have already saved her once from the scrapyard in Cardiff. However, I don’t think anybody can do this on their own, looking at the cold facts the Iris has been on the Thames for at least 8years, in a month or so, she is going to topple over at her berth (seriously – have a look) if you had neccessary funds then im sorry, but this would not be happening. Why not work TOGETHER with the business man, and the people of Merseyside and we can all enjoy her TOGETHER, wouldn’t you rather have the Iris sailing and making money and people happy? There can’t possibly be anything to gain by just letting her fall to bits.
    Come On Mr Jegede, one phone call and we can have “real” engineers.
    regards, Chris – get in touch with us all please.


    Dear James,
    Why not admit you do not have the funds to resurrect Iris ? Why not let the Wirral businessman buy into the ownership ? You could retain part ownership. Iris could sail both the Thames and the Mersey in a programmed seasonal basis. Iris currently is the saddest sight I have seen for a great while.For me this is like seeing your dearest relative die slowly. In life money is nothing without your health. Iris is nearly dead now. ACT now, join forces with us NOW! Get Iris to hospital (DRY DOCK). We can do it together, you will be a happier man to see Iris on the mend. Some things you cant do on your own. Lots of people are now begging you to release Iris from her torture, but really if you care about the Iris , you should ACT now. There will ba an army of unpaid workers to do the cosmetics, and only you can save the Iris- please consider the alternative, which is the cost of scrappage, and the resentment of other intrested parties. Kind regards. DEREK HUGHES. 07887612324

  • peter tait

    please sell the Royal Iris to the wirral prospective buyer she`s dying on the thames, we love her up here on merseyside, what are your plans? please! please! please! i have many childhood memories aboard her up until she went,she belongs up here were she is loved and cherished, if her upkeep is £300,000 a year and you say shes had £100,000 spent on her this year, whats happening? she is so low in the water now whats happening? please respond to the buyer and sell her, you will have the respect of merseyside people forever, please! have a heart.

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